All Pakatan Parliamentary Members Will be Present on 24 June for the Oath Swearing


SHAH ALAM, June 13: The people’s Justice Party (PKR) will not boycott the swearing-in ceremony for members of parliament in the House of Representatives on June 14, said the party’s Vice-President, Mohd Azmin Ali.

Mohd Azmin, also MP for Gombak, said that PKR never decided to boycott the ceremony.

According to Mohd Azmin, PKR and Pakatan Rakyat component parties, PAS and DAP only decided to boycott the briefings to members of parliament on 11 June.

“The boycott is a principled protest against the BN fraud in the 13th General Election,” said Mohd Azmin in a media statement.

Mohd Azmin stressed that all PKR parliamentary members will attend the swearing-in ceremony and perform their duties as elected representatives.

It was reported that only one of the 89 Pakatan Rakyat MPs, Barki MP, Er Teck Hwa, attended the Parliamentary briefing session last Tuesday.

The session was held to explain the oath swearing procedures to Members of Parliament cum June 24.

Previously, several NGOs such as Anyone But Umno, urged for Pakatan Members of Parliament to boycott the oath swearing ceremony as a sign of protest against the results of the 13th General Election which was allegedly laden with fraud.

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