#Blackout505 Assembly at Padang Merbok Postponed to 22 June?


SHAH ALAM, June 8: The #Blackout 505 peaceful assembly which was previously planned to be held on 15 June at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur, may possibly be postponed to the following Saturday.

However, the decision to postpone the date of the assembly is subject to the willingness of Padang Merbok’s owner, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall *DBKL) in giving permission to use the location on 22 June.

According to the Coordinator of Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM), Badrul Hisham Shaharin, DBKL’s refusal to do so will cause the people to have no choice but to gather at Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) on 15 June.

“We know that the recycle organisers have agreed to take the field as the venue on the morning of the same day. However, we are still holding further discussions with DBKL and the race organisers

“We do not rule out the possibility to accept suggestions given by the authorities to change the date to the following week (22 June) which is also quite practical because it is close to the swearing-in date of the Members of Parliament.

“Let’s say that we have negotiated enough, but if you still play, and do not want to let us use Padang Merbok, we apologise if the people hold larger protests at Dataran Merdeka,” said Badrul Hisham when contacted by TV Selangor.

At this time, discussions between the secretariat of the #Blackout505 Assembly organisers with the authorities and DBKL are still ongoing.

Badrul Hisham is also confident that the decision to postpone the #Blackout505 Assembly to 22 June will afford a greater impact because it is close to the first session of the House of Representatives on 24 June.

“I am confident, on Monday, the organiser’s Secretariat will make an official announcement regarding the exact date of this assembly,” added Badrul Hisham.

Previously, the organiser’s secretariat agreed to change their original plan to hold the assembly at Dataran Merdaka to Padang Merbok as recommended by the authorities.

However, after that, the organiser’s secretariat of the #Blackout505 was informed that a recycling run will be using the field first.

The result caused the organiser’s secretariat of the #Blackout505 to reconsider their plans to hold the rally on 15 June.

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