CCTV Not the Way to Overcome Police Custody Death


SHAH ALAM, June 3: The installation of Closed Circuit Cameras (CCTV) at police station lock-ups is not a solution to deal with cases of custodial deaths while under police surveillance.

MP for Padang Serai, N Surendran when contacted said that the government is urged to establish an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) immediately.

He said that even though CCTVs are installed at the lock-ups, it will not prevent from the occurrences of aggression perpetrated by the police against detainees from happening because such things can happen outside CCTV surveillance.

Previously, in the latest incident, an engineer, P Karuan became the third victim of custodial death in the past two weeks.

The incident occurred at the Tampon District Police Headquarters (IPS) where a ‘sudden death’ happened at 7pm last Saturday.

“Only with the establishment of the IPCMC will the problem of custodial deaths in lock-ups be solved because after this, the police would not dare to act outside the limitations of power and also crime,” he said.

He added that the health factor issue faced by detainees is not a major issue because attention should be given to detainees who are beaten and treated in a way that causes injury and death.

“The Attorney General and the police should be professional in carrying out their duties and to act against policemen involved because no stern action has been taken,” said Surendran.

As of May 13, the Malaysian People’s Voice (Suaram) recorded seven police custody deaths.

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