Chegu Bard: My Prosecution is Linked to Umno-BN Internal Politics


PETALING JAYA, June 5: Chairman of Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM), Badrul Hisham Shaharin, 35, pleaded not guilty at the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court today on the organisation of the People’s Voice 505 Assembly at the MBPJ East Field on 25 May.

Badrul Hisham, or known Chegubard, was charged under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 for failing to inform the Petaling Jaya District Chief of Police 10 days before the programme took place.

He was charged under Section 9 (1) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 and if found guilty, he may be fined not more than RM10,000.

The prosecution was done by the Deputy Public Prosecutor, Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin, while Badrul Hishim was not represented by any counsel.

Judge Yasmin Abdul Razak set July 9 for the Deputy Public Prosecutor to submit the case documents and for Badrul Hisham to appoint a counsel.

Badrul Hisham was released without bail after Yasmin was satisfied that he was present in court willingly. She also contacted the police after the authorities failed to deliver summons to him.

Outside the court, Badrul Hisham stated that the prosecution against him has to do with Umno-BN internal political games involving the Minister of Home Affairs, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

“The Umno elections will take place soon. Zahid, you do not relise that you have entered into (datuk Seri) Najib Razak and *Tun Dr) Mahathir Mohamad’s trap. You were given the post of Home Affairs Minister to damage your image.

“Today, every day, efforts to damage the image of the Minister of Home Affairs are happening. Furthermore, the people have become victims of Umno-BN political games,” he said.

According to him, Dr Mahathir wants to make his family and relatives comfortable in Umno-BN while Najib arranges strategies for the benefit of Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

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