Dr Nasir: PAS and PSM Not At Odds


KUALA LUMPUR, 27 June: The Socialist Party of Malaysia (SAM) and PAS are seen to be similar in their fight as they both emphasise on the people’s welfare and to defend the marginalised due to the rapacity of leaders wanting to retain their power.

PSM Chairman, Dr Nasir Hashim said that the party will be based on the core values of socialism to uphold the fate of the people who are denied the right which is rightfully theirs.

“As socialists, we champion rights and fairness. We will not allow anyone to marginalise anyone. Our basis is love.


From there, we will receive fairness, harmony and overcome all other things. This means that we respect the people and move forward to empower them,” he said as a panellist in the ‘Islam, Socialist, Liberal! Where does PAS stand?’ discourse organised by the Free Public Forum Malaysia (FPF) here yesterday.

The other panellists includes the Director of Policy Research Institute, Khalid Jaafar; Parit Buntar Member of Parliament, Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa; Executive Director of Middle Eastern Graduate Centre (MEGC), Al-Mustageem Mahmod Radhi and political activist, Hishamuddin Rais.

Dr Nasir said that currently, the people are often the victim of a ruling government that leans towards capitalism.

According to him, PSM can join in the fight if there are political parties or other quarters that voice the same matter.

“If there are those that fight against marginalism, why don’t we join together? If we are in the same movement, why can’t we be as one?” he asked.

For Dr Mujahid, the agenda of national welfare that has been championed by PAS since the 1960s is a clear picture that the party prioritises defending the people as well as to uphold Islam in this country.

He added that even though the understanding or ideologies are different, however PAS can join forces with political parties such as DAP and PKR through existing similarities.

“Together, we will oppose marginalism. If we look, there have been many PAS leaders who have been arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) when defending the marginalised.

“Why did PAS enter politics? Some say we are power hungry. Yes. What is the point of going into politics and competing is not to win?

“Why use one ideology if the ideology is not able to bring about changes. As an Islamic party, we are confident that Islam can bring about changes just like (the changes) brought about by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W,” said the Central PAS Committee Member.

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