Family of the Late Dharmendran Overwhelmed When Visited by Abdul Khalid


BANDAR TUN RAZAK, 16 June: Bandar Tun Razak member of Parliament, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid spent time visiting the family of the late N. Dharmendran who died while in police custody last month.

Abdul Khalid’s presence was welcomed by the deceased’s wife, Marry Maria Susay and family at their residence at PPR Taman Mulia.

When he was met after the visit, he expressed sadness over what happened and hopes that the case would receive proper defense.

According to Abdul Khalid, what is important is that defense for the future of his children and family should be given priority.

“The one thing I see and is important is the future of (Dharmendran’s) children and family. The second is their placement because they stay here under the courtesy of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) as they are renting this place.

“They must receive income in order to continue living here,” said Abdul Khalid who is also the Chief Minister of Selangor.

Meanwhile, Marry Maria who was met was overwhelmed by Tan Sri Abdul Khalid’s willingness to visit her family as they are still shocked by what had happened.

According to him, her family and her way of life changed after Dharmenran’s death as he shouldered the family’s responsibilities, especially in their expenses.

“My husband took care of everything. Now that he is gone, it is a little difficult.

“He (Dharmendran) never troubled me. Little by little we need to change our way of life,” she said.

Marry added that she is considering finding a job to cover their monthly expenses in addition to having to pay the house rent of RM124.

Currently, her expenses are being assisted by family members.

It was reported that Dharmendran was arrested by the police after making a police report following a fight which involved him on 11 May.

His wife and parents only knew about the arrest on MAy 19 and visited Dharmendran while he was in police custody.

He should have been released on bail on 21 May but Marry Maria Susay (wife) received a call stating that Dharmendran had already died.

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