KBS Do Not Marginalise Sports in Pakatan Rakyat States


SHAH ALAM, June 5: The Minister of Youth and Sports, Khiry Jamaluddin has been urged to not marginalise states under Pakatan Rakyat’s administration in developing youth and sports in this country.

Deputy Chairman of the Selangor State Sports Council (MSNS), Amirudin Shari said that this was due to the cooperation and coordination of the youth and sports development programmes at the national and state levels in the last term reached an deadlock and was interrupted.

“This is due to the differences of understanding and political standpoint. It is time we hold a partnership building between the Ministry of Youth & Sports and the Selangor State Sports Council (MSNS) entities.

“It is to ensure a more sustainable framework plan which is inclusive towards all youth groups,” said Amiruddin in his media statement.

He said that previously, Khairy on Monday made an announcement regarding the Ministry of Youth and Sports Direction Plan which he will announce next month.

“Representing the Selangor State Sports Council (SMNS) and youth movements in Selangor, we represent his proactive steps to develop the direction plan which is more dynamic and holistic.

“This move is believed to consistent with the context of youth and sports development now which is increasingly complex including a number of new subcultures and technology.

“This includes reviewing the National Youth Development Policy which is outdated and was only last revised in 1997,” he said.

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