Khalid Samad to Visit Shah Alam Hospital Site Next Week


SHAH ALAM, June 20: The question regarding the visit date to see the progress of the construction of the Shah Alam Hospital was finally answered when Khalid Samad informed that he would be paying a visit on June 28.

Khalid Samad, who is also the Member of Parliament for Shah Alam, informed that the 3pm visit will be accompanied by the Works minister, Datuk Fadillah Yusoff.

Initially, Khalid explained that he received a letter from the Malaysian Public Works Department (PWD) which stated that a visit to the site can be done today but the time was not stated.

“I received a letter from the PWD stating that the site visit was on June 20, but in the letter, it did not state the time and it was stated that the time is when the Public Works Minister arrives.

“Because they (PWD) do not want me to visit the site without the attendance of the minister,” he told TVSelangor.

However, yesterday he was contacted by the minister who set the date and time to visit the hospital site.

Previously, Khalid, who is also the Selangor III PAS Deputy Commissioner, had to wait for a letter from the PWD for four month regarding his application to visit the site as well as for the report of the hospital construction in his area.

Delays in the construction of the hospital located at Section 7 Shah Alam was allegedly due to an exchange in tender for the construction contractor.

In December last year, former Works Minister, Datuk Seri Shaziman Abu Mansor reported that the project will be completed in October 2013.

However, Khalid said that the project is likely to be delayed until mid-2014.

“Now I am made to understand that it would be in the middle of next year, and possibly even the end of next year, and this is very disappointing,” he added.

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