MDKL Clean Zone Programme to Overcome Dengue Problem


BANTING, June 17: The Kuala Langat District Council (MDKL) is determined to continue the excellence achieved in the clean zone programme since it was started by the State Government four years ago.

The Local Authority (LA) emerged as the champion for the district council category in 2010 and 2011, and runner-up for the same category last year.

Morib Assemblyman, Hasnul Baharuddin said that praise should be given to MDKL for vigorously making the programme a success with various plans and efforts carried out in the said district.

According to him, MDKL has been seen to make many changes since 2010 and with that, much success has been achieved through the programme each year.

“The areas involved such as Kampung Jenjarom has been seen to have many changes in terms of better facilities and maintenance.

“If previously Taman Seri Putera was seen as the champion of dengue outbreaks with 200 to 300 cases throughout a year, as of now, there have been less than 10 cases reported this year.


“I express my sincere appreciation and congratulations to all agencies, associations and parties involved, especially MDKL which worked tirelessly towards making this programme as success,” he said when speaking at the MDKL Clean Zone Programme launch here at Taman Banting Baru.

Also present was the President of MDKL, Mohd Azhar Mohamed Ali and Deputy Director General (Development) of the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM), Mohd Saleh Santhiman.

Hasnul said that the clean programme planned by the State Government with the aim of making Selangor the cleanest state should be emulated by other states.

He stressed that the local authorities in Selangor, comprising of city councils, municipal councils and district councils, have good management therefore programmes carried out achieve excellence.

“MDKL itself is among the examples of best district councils in Selangor and the country,” he said.

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