New Works Minister Asked to Explain Shah Alam Hospital

SHAH ALAM, JUNE 4th – The new Works Minister, Datuk Fadilah Yusof was asked to lend a helping hand in the issue of the construction of the Shah Alam Hospital which has been delayed for more than three years, for the sake of the welfare of the people.

Shah Alam Parliamentarian, Khalid Abdul Samad said that in his capacity as representative of the city, he should be given the right to oversee and supervise developments in the project.

Khalid hopes that Fadilah will be more open-minded than the previous minister and will allow him to visit the site and oversee improvements and developments in the construction.

“Last February 5th, I sent a letter to the construction contractor and in reply I was told that I needed to get permission from the Selangor branch of the Works Ministry. When the letter wass ent there, I was redirected to the Central Works Ministry.”

“When a letter was sent there, I received no reply. This is not a military centre or nuclear centre; it is a hospital. Why is it so hard for me to visit the construction site?” he said at a press conference here today.

Khalid hopes that Fadilah would have a more open policy than his predecessor on this topic.

Khalid also stressed that the hospital is being built by the money of the people and not that of Umno-BN.

“This hospital is for the people and as the people of Shah Alam’s representative, I hope for cooperation of all parties so that I may look over reports by the contractor regarding its progress.”

Khalid alleges that he has been advised that the completion of the project has once again been pushed forward from the initial date in October.

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