Rodziah: Second Term to Focus on Women in Rural Areas


SHAH ALAM: The development of women in rural communities will be an additional objective for the Selangor Government in line with its efforts to concentrate on development in rural areas.

Welfare and Women’s Affairs Exco, Rodziah Ismail said that several programmes are being planned to enhance women’s efforts so that they can contribute to the improvement of living standards in local areas.

In addition, the State Government will continue to enhance the opening of Women Empowerment Centres across the state so that school leavers and housewives can learn new skills such as sewing and cooking to improve their household income.

Focus will also be given to single mothers, said Rodziah, who is also the Batu Tiga Assemblywoman.

“We will continue to intensify clarification promotions so that single mothers who are not registered can participate (in state programmes) and receive benefits,” she said in an interview with Selangorkini.

She said that the role of women in the development of the state is acknowledged by the State Government and this can be seen through the appointment of four women executive council members in the state administration.

She said that the involvement of 40 percent of women’s energy in the state administration proves that the excellence in performance shown is something to be proud of.

“The role of women will continue to be extended from the top level to the lower level where eventually an understanding will exist between men and women in community development.

“We will continue to look after the fate of women through various fields so that they are able to create a successful career not only in context of position but more widespread,” she said.

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