Selangor Sultan Asks State Government to Increase Basic Infrastructure, Information Technology


SHAH ALAM, June 28: DYMM the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah urged the State Government to provide adequate basic infrastructure such as roads and utilities, as well as to develop information and communications technology (ICT).

He said that ICT infrastructures can produce job opportunities and can be a new source of income for the people of Selangor.

“The expenditure for infrastructure should be on a priority basis to ensure that the quality of public amenities is in good condition.

“In addition to basic infrastructure such as roads and water consumption, the government should also focus on the infrastructure of information and communication technology, especially internet access.

“Investment in broadband technology such as this will bring about knowledge and economic benefits to the people,” he said during the Opening Ceremony of the First Term of the 13th Selangor State Assembly Session here this morning.

“We believe that the implementation of such programmes will be able to revitalise efforts to localise the economy and localise knowledge in the state of Selangor,” he added.

When touching on the success of the State Government in increasing its reserves to RM2.5 billion as of April 2013, the Sultan expressed confidence that this success is from the process and efforts of a more efficient revenue process collection and effort.

“These skills must also be circulated to all government agencies, especially to Local Authorities.

“So that efforts of current and outstanding revenue collection can finally benefit the people,” the Sultan said.

The session which will continue on Monday is expected to last for five days.

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