Asnaf Happy to not be Forgotten by Selangor State Government


KUALA SELANGOR, July 19: About 150 Asnaf here were happy when the State Government did not forget them during this holy month of Ramadan.

A recipient, Zaidah Jamil, 65, expressed that she was overwhelmed because senior citizens like her have never been ignored by the State Government from receiving such contributions.

“I’m very grateful for this assistance. If I did not get this assistance, I would not be able to celebrate the fasting month and Aidilfitri (Eid al-Fitr) with joy,” she said.

Another recipient, Anisah Johari, 57, expressed her gratitude because there are those who are concerned to help her family celebrate the fasting month this year.

Anisah who was representing her aunt said that the money and basic food items received will be used throughout the Ramadan month to meet their daily needs.

“I am very grateful to the State Government for these sincere donation because it means a lot to our family,” she said.


The assistance given in the form of cash and daily necessities such as rice, sugar and cooking oil was presented by the Executive Councillor for Welfare and Women’s Affairs, Rodziah Ismail at the Balai Penghulu, Barakah Mosque, Kampung Assam Jawa.

Rodziah when met said that the donation was in honour of the less fortunate to ensure that they can carry out the fasting month comfortably and purposefully.

“This is an annual programme carried out by the State Government under the welfare portfolio to select those with low incomes to receive a little aid in form of cash and daily necessities.

“The aim is for the less fortunate to enjoy the Ramadan month and the Aidilfitri celebrations in moderate conditions,” she said.

Rodziah added that this programme will be continued in the future to facilitate the State Government to record the appropriate assistance to be given to needy families in the state.

Also present was the Ijok Assemblyman, Dr Idris Ahmad.


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