CM: Ownership Concept for Rural Development


SHAH ALAM, July 22: The rural development strategy by the Selangor Government will emphasise on the concept of ownership to achieve the objective of increasing the income of residents and develop rural areas.

This concept would mean that each individual directly or indirectly involved in a project, programme or policy should have a desire to see that the effort succeeds because it is owned by the individual.

Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that a comprehensive strategy is being formulated to translate the concept in rural development planning.

Abdul Khalid said, research on the strategy planning is being conducted and envelopes economic resources, population, infrastructural needs and financing of rural areas.

He said, these aspects must be taken into account to ensure that the selected villages will be developed according to the uniqueness and character of the village.

“To implement this development concept, a strong support system involving safety nets, reform of land processing services, supporting services of related department such as the Department of Agriculture and administrative support in terms of finances is much needed,” he said.

Abdul Khalid said this in his speech at the Iftar Ceremony with the JKKK, the Local Movement and Village Chiefs of Selangor at the Selangor Chief Minister’s official residence today.

Meanwhile, Abdul Khalid said that the existence of various ministries under the Federal Government to help increase the income of the rural community has clearly failed.

“Several ministries have been created specifically for rural development, however rural development in nine districts in Selangor is still far from satisfactory,” he said.

Abdul Khalid will also carry out research on rural development plans that have failed to be implemented by the Federal Government so that the mistakes are not repeated.

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