Selangor Civil Servants Happy to Receive Raya Bonus


SHAH ALAM, July 30: Civil servants of Selangor expressed joy when the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim announced the Raya Bonus of one month’s salary for them last week.

Most of them who were met, whether they are single or have a family, were thankful for the bonus which can be used in preparation to celebrate the Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eif al-Fitr) soon.


For Nurul Amirah Razaly, 22, from the Drainage and Irrigation Department, said that she was thrilled with the gift as it is the first bonus she has received.

“I feel excited because this is the first time I am receiving a special Hari Raya assistance since I started working,” she said.

She added that the assistance would help her ease the parent’s burden.

“This year would exactly one year since I have worked here, I didn’t expect to receive it. Previously, I have only heard of a half month’s salary bonus, so this time is more that expected. With this contribution, I am able to give it to my parents who are now retired,” she said when met.


Civil servant in the Law Office, Azlan Mansor, 32, said that Raya contribution would help heads of households to spend in the early preparation of the celebration.

“I am grateful to be given this special assistance, especially now that it is close to the Hari Raya celebration. So I can use the money to buy Hari Raya necessities for both my children and my wife.

Also sharing the joy was Ahmad Fadli Yahya, 31, a staff in the Office of the State Government Press Secretary who said that the assistance was a relief and eases the burdens of civil servants, especially the middle-income group.

He said that the amount is also sufficient to support civil servants across the state to spend in lieu of the festive season.


“I hope that with this gift, recipients can spend wisely and prudently,” he said.
Additionally, Hamidah Hamid, 52, a staff at the Department of the Auditor General described this assistance as contribution and attentiveness from the State Government.

However, the mother of four hopes that the Federal Government will provide the same assistance as the State Government.


“In Selangor, we get more. Other states only receive it from the Central Government. So it is not fair to other civil servants. Seeing that goods are now expensive, let the contribution be done equally. However, I am still happy and grateful,” she said.

Last week, the State Government allocated RM30 million to pay a bonus of one month’s salary to 21,776 permanent, contract and part-time staff.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister only announced a special assistance of RM500 to civil servants for Grade 1 to Grade 54 at the central level.

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