Selangor Public Service Called to Practice Innovation and Creativity


SHAH ALAM, 30 Sept: Public service departments and agencies across Selangor have been asked to practice innovation and creativity in their work culture to improve the quality of services.

State Government Secretary, Datuk Mohammed Khusrin Munawi said, when all work received recognition and is used by other departments, it will be a ‘wow factor’ for Selangor to be prided in public service, regardless if it is at the state or national level.

He said that Selangor, as the most prosperous state in the country, should show a good example to other states.

“As we all know, innovation and creativity are the main focus of the government in its efforts towards a developed country and people with high-income by 2020.

“Therefore, the public services must also respond to the government’s call by becoming a leader in the culture of innovation and creativity,” he said in a speech delivered by his representative, the Deputy State Secretary (Management), Datuk Tarmendi Omar at the Convention Ceremony of the Innovation and Creativity Group (KIK) of the 26th Selangor Level Public Services 2013 here today.

Also present was the Deputy Director of the Distribution and Development Section (UPEN), Mohd Hasry Nor Muhamad.

The convention was attended by 17 groups from the Selangor government departments and agencies from 26 till 27 September.

As a proactive measure, he said, all departments should provide a conducive working environment and encourage employees to join hand-in-hand in practicing the culture of innovation and creativity.

He said that participants should include people of all positions, from officers to the support group, with the team of leadership in the deportment so that teamwork in departments can be strengthened.

“We, as public servants, must constantly strive to increase efforts in providing the best services to the people. Parties with interests (stakeholders) with us are becoming increasingly complex when stepping ahead.

“Therefore, we should always think outside the box or be ready to leave our comfort zone so that we can compete with the private sector in providing services comparable to theirs,” he said.


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