1,422 Housing Units in Bukit Botak Completed

SHAH ALAM, 26 Nov: The state government, through the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) has managed to build 1,422 housing units for the housing redevelopment at Bukit Botak after the project was failed to be completed by the previous developer.

The Executive Councillor in charge of Housing, Building Management and Urban Settlement in Selangor, Iskandar Abdul Samad, said that 1,178 names of participants have been received by the Gombak Land Office for the offer of houses in Bukit Botak since 31 October.


“All participants have been contacted and from the total, 1,156 participants have been offered one housing unit each. The remaining 22 participants will receive offers in the near future,” he said.

Iskandar said this when replying to a question by Zaidy Abdul Talib (PAS-Templer Park) regarding the development of low-cost houses in Bukit Botak, which were previously abandoned, during the Selangor State Assembly (DNS) session today.

Meanwhile, 11,085 participants have been recorded and 1,447 applicants were awarded affordable housing since 2012 till 1 November this year.

“For low-cost housing, the composition of Malays is 9,013 people; Chinese, 1,100 people; Indians, 862 people and others, 110 people. Meanwhile, for affordable housing, the composition of Malays are 745 people; Chinese, 326 people; Indians, 375 and others, 1,” he said when replying to a question from Ng Suee Lim (DAP-Sekinchan) regarding the number of successful applicants who received offers for low-cost housing in Selangor.

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