Allocation of RM5.5 Million for Environmental Conservation

SHAH ALAM, 20 Nov: The State Government has allocated RM5.5 million from the budget which was tabled specifically to implement the environmental conservation and natural resources agenda.

The Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, said that the provision does not include the overall allocation of RM45 million for the Selangor Department of Irrigation and Drainage, which will also conduct programmes that contribute to environmental conservation.


He said that the amount includes RM21.2 million for flood management, RM4.45 million for watershed management, RM2.49 million for environmentally friendly drainage management, RM2.15 million for coastal management and RM1.4 million for the management of water resources and hydrology.

“Mahatma Gandhi once said that the environment is the most valuable asset that must be preserved at all times. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors.

“Instead, we are borrowing it from future generations. Therefore, take care of the environment so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy it,” he said.

In addition, the state government has allocated RM3.05 million for cultural, arts and heritage programmes.

The allocation involves RM50,000 for activities and cultural activities as well as arts, and RM2.55 million for Malay Customs and Heritage of all races in Selangor.

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