FOMCA: Emulate Selangor in Providing Free Bus Service

SHAH ALAM, 28 Nov: The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (FOMCA) fully supports Selangor’s move to implement providing free bus services to the people and that it should be emulated by other states.

The Honorary Secretary of FOMCA, Mohd Shani Abdullah, said that the approach taken by Selangor should be praised and that it shows attentiveness in relation to problems faced by the people, who are currently burdened by a high cost of living.


“Selangor’s move is a right step at the right time and other states should emulate this. All governments have to understand and use the social sector financing, including public transportation, to help the low-income group.

“This is FOMCA’s suggestion in budget tabling sessions every year, where we urge the government to provide additional allocations to all social sectors including public transportation,” he said when contacted by Selangor Kini yesterday,

Mohd Shani said that public transportation is one of the services used by the people who do not have their own transport or those earning a low-income.

He said that the group that uses the service can save a part of their living cost and help bear the expenses which are increasing in other areas such as basic necessities and education.

He said, whether locals or foreigners, the government should not differentiate them because they are users who have rights to services provided.

“From the aspect of fundamental human rights, a service should not discriminate race or status. It is important to respect it.

“This is because foreigners also pay taxes. Although they do not pay income tax because they do not earn enough for that, but they pay taxes in the form of the items bought. So, they have the right to receive this service,” he said.

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