Freedom of Information Enactment: Johor Should Emulate Selangor & Penang

SHAH ALAM, 17 Nov: The Johor Government should emulate the Pakatan Rakyat Governments in Selangor and Penang by passing the Freedom of Information Enactment.


The Skudai Assemblyman, who is also the Johor Opposition Leader, Dr Boo Cheng Hau, said that the Johor and Central Government have failed to establish an open and transparent financial system.

He said that analysis by Transparency International shows that laws that are of the nature of an open government will eradicate corruption and convince investors.

“Specifically, the Freedom of Information Act that ensures the rights of the public and investors to know the details of government policies and decisions on a financial policy,” said Dr Boo.

He said this in the Johor Budget 2014 Budget debate on 11 November.

The Freedom of Information Enactment (State of Selangor) 2011 came into force on 5 March in the interest of the public.

Through the enactment, the people can learn in depth the transparency of committee meeting minutes in approving a project and information about the status of a project.

Dr Boo said that in 2012, Johor was the fourth largest economy, contributing 9.2 percent to the GDP of Malaysia after Selangor (23.5%), the Federal Territory (15.3%) and Sarawak (9.6%).

“Johor is still lagging behind in the services sector which is led by six states and a federal territory which are Selangor, the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, Penang, Sabah and Perak,” he said.

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