‘PJ Safe, Safety 4 All’, Enhances Safety in Petaling Jaya

PETALING JAYA, 28 Nov: The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has created the ‘PJ Safe…Safety 4 All’ programme to ensure that the city is safe and comfortable to live in by all.

The Enforcement Director of MBPJ, Fauzi Maarop, said that the programme is a result of the initiative by MBPJ to join two safety programmes; the Petaling Jaya Neighbourhood Team (PKKPJ) and the Security Patrolling Programme (PRK), as well as providing special vehicles consisting of two patrol cars and five motorcycles.


“Each patrol is divided into two groups consisting of two police officers and two enforcement officers from MBPJ.”

“MBPJ is very grateful to the Petaling Jaya Police Headquarters (IPD) which always gives full cooperation in this programme, as well as positive feedback,” he said.

He was met during an event where leaflets of this safety programme was distributed to the public and said that the public, especially residents of MBPJ, need to know how this programme is carried out.

“Starting January 2014, we will ready MBPK enforcement officers in terms of increasing the number of officers and equipment, such as adequate amount of pepper spray.


“This matter will be discussed with the police because every patrol requires the involvement of the police,” he said.

This programme is also not only aimed at identified areas where crime often happens, but it also involves public areas such as public service areas and so on.

“It is important for every resident in Petaling Jaya to feel safe wherever they are by seeing presence of the police and MBPJ enforcement officers at every location.

“This way, the mission to make Petaling Jaya a safe and comfortable city will be attainable,” he said.

Also present at the programme was MBPJ Council Member, Derek John, and also members of the Petaling Jaya IPD.

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