Selangor Offers RM1 Land Premium for Charities

SHAH ALAM, 27 Nov: Selangor will only charge RM1 for land premiums to companies or organisations conducting business activities for charity on the land owned.

The RM1 premium is charged to charities for the purpose of encouraging and facilitating the organisations involved in carrying out their activities.


The Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (PKR-Port Klang) said that this was different from other businesses that conduct business activities for the purpose of profit on commercial land.

“We cannot give discounts on land premium recklessly. There should be certain guidelines, otherwise, everyone would want a discount.

“Companies and organisations conducting charitable activities or businesses where the profit is for the welfare of the people of Selangor, such as for persons with disabilities (PWD), we can give the RM1 premium,” he said when replying Gan Pei Nei (PKR-Rawang).

Abdul Khalid explained, full payment will be charged if if those offered titles sell the residential land, when touching on the RM1,000 premium imposed on those offered ownership titles for residential land.

“However, if the owner transfers the ownership to their children or beneficiaries, no charges will be imposed,” he said.

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