Soursop, 3K Coffee to Boost the Economy of Tanjung Sepat

TANJUNG SEPAT, 12 Nov: The soursop plantation project will be carried out in Tajung Sepat to help increase the income and economy of the local community, and further boost the economic development in the constituency.


The Assemblyman for Tanjung Sepat, Mohd Haslin Hassan, said that the plantation project will be done in the near future, with planning in house compounds in the village and participation from the villagers itself.

He said that it was designed because it is rather difficult for the State Government to prepare an area for farming or agricultural purposes for the local community.

“We will develop this crop with the aim for one village to have 50 houses participating, where one house will plant at least five trees. So, one village will produce 250 soursop trees.


“This way, if 10 villages take part in this project, we will have a yield of about 2,500 trees and in the period of two to two-and-a-half years, these trees will produce fruits to be sold,” he said.

Haslin said that the marketing of the product will also be assisted by agencies and related parties for the benefit of the local communities.

He said that the project is an effort to help the low-income and poor people in the constituency to increase the economy and foster self-reliance among them.

“In addition, we will also mobilise several other efforts such as the village coffee products industry, known as the 3K Coffee, which has been well received by the community in the area.

“There are producers who need to be helped to develop their business and we will look at the needs so that it can be achieved; including helping them obtain halal certification for the purpose of marketing it overseas,” he said.

Haslin said that the pineapple plantation project will also be carried out in the constituency in the future as an additional source of income.

“We will carry out this project after this, but let the soursop plantation project be carried out first and come to fruition,” he said.

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