Taxi Fares To Go Up?

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 Nov: The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has been conducting a review of taxi fares across the country since 21 October.


The Mutual Interaction Between Users and the Taxi Industry programme aims to get feedback from users about taxi fares to be reviewed.

Users were given an evaluation form to be filled which contains questions about the frequency of which taxi fares should be revised.

In addition, questions were also asked about the appropriate income of taxi drivers, appropriate working hours and other jobs that are at the same level as taxi drivers.

In the pamphlet distributes, a review is being done because the last revision of fares was made in 2009 by the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (LPKP).

Since then, the cost of taxis and and the living cost has risen by three percent with the rate of inflation since 2009.


Estimates based on periodic studies at taxi workshops showed that the maintenance cost for taxis have increased since 2009.

The maintenance rate increased involves tires at a rate of 25 percent, reparations at 20 percent, battery at 30 percent and fuel, 17 percent.

Pakatan Rakyat previously raised the difficulties of taxi drivers and proposed to issue private permits because current taxi permits are held by companies of cronies who rake in profits.


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