The reason Crime Rates are Up is Because BN is Weak but Retains Power

PUCHONG, 17 Nov: The mistake of choosing the government is among the reasons of the increase in crime rates which is faced, causing the people to be concerned in facing everyday life.

The view was issued by Author and Translator of Buddhism, Sherob Wong, in an interfaith dialogue titled ‘Crime: The Cause and Solution from the Perspective of All Religions’.


He said that the cause of crime is categorised from internal and external aspects that are interdependent between the two.

He interprets crime as something that can bring about trouble and inconvenience to others.

“The cause of crime is related to the current government administration. We have chosen the wrong central government. This is a problem which we cannot ignore because the government is inefficient.

“We knew after the election. The last election is a moral crime which is evident. Why? Because there was manipulation.

“Blackouts, magic, Bangladeshis and all these issues. This contradicts many of the peoples hopes and aspirations.

“This can be practically called a crime despite being subtle,” he said.

In addition, the confusion of culture and direction of the ‘1Malaysia’ slogan, which has been propagated over the years, has failed to be instilled in the community, and this is also the reason why crime happens.

The inter-religious dialogue, which was for the first time organised by the Selangor PAS National Unity Body, was chaired by the Member of Parliament for Kota Raja, Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud.

It was attended by nearly 50 people who came to listen to the views of representatives of the four major religions in Malaysia regarding the crime issue and solutions.

It was held at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) Hall in Taman Puchong Intan, and the dialogue was also attended by the Assemblyman for Seri Serdang, Mood Hanim Ismail and the Assemblyman for Hulu Kelang, Shaari Sungib.

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