Chandra must respect The Court and stop spinning his retraction

By: Lawyers for Anwar Ibrahim

We refer to Chandra Muzaffar’s statement on the defamation suit by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim against him. Chandra claims that he withdrew his false allegation on the ringing of temple bells in the Kampung Rawa dispute, as a “reciprocal gesture since Anwar had withdrawn two other claims against him”

PC LatChandra’s statement is blatantly misleading, untrue and against the spirit of his retraction of the allegations against Anwar. It also grossly disrespects the court in which he had openly made the retraction of the allegations.

Firstly Anwar had never withdrawn any claims against Chandra, but last year had merely amended his Statement of Claim in order to clarify the issues in the court case.

Secondly Chandra’s claim that his retraction of the allegations in court on 7 January 2014 was a reciprocal gesture is absurd, because the amendment of the claim was made one year ago! If that is the case why didn’t Chandra make this so-called “reciprocal gesture” one year ago when Anwar amended his suit?

Further, Chandra had unconditionally withdrawn the allegations on 7 January 2014 in open court. Chandra did not state at any point of time in his statement of withdrawal that it was made as a result Anwar’s amendement one year ago.

Chandra’s retraction of the allegations fully vindicates our client Anwar Ibrahim, and proves that the allegations made by Chandra Muzaffar on the temple bells in Kampung Rawa were completely false.

We call upon Dr Chandra Muzaffar to conduct himself consistent with his unconditional retraction of the allegations, and not to put a spin upon his retraction.

Issued by,

N Surendran & Latheefa Koya
Lawyers for Anwar Ibrahim

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