Composer of Kangkung Remix Arrested?

SHAH ALAM, 17 Jan: The Coordinator of Jingga 13 Malaysia, Faris Musa, on his Twitter social networking page claimed that the composer of the Kangkung Remix song was arrested late yesterday afternoon.

Citing the news, which is being increasingly spread on blogs and social sites, the composer named Yuri Wong is said to be working as a Vocal Engineer at The Factory Music Studio in Kuala Lumpur.

Wong’s arrest is believed to be closely linked to the relentless attacks online against the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, regarding the statement made by him about the drop in price of kangkung (water spinach) several days ago.


Wong was said to produce a remix video of Najib’s speech that has been widely disseminated on social networking sites and is among the most popular kangkung trending.

However, Wong was successfully contacted by Selangor Kini this morning and replied a short SMS text saying that he does not want to issue any statements or be interviewed at this time.

Apart from the rumour of Wong’s arrest, the BBC report on kangkung linking Najib cannot be accessed and technical experts say that it might be blocked.

On 14 January, the British broadcaster quoted the news on the people’s mockery of Najib’s announcement regarding the reduction in price of kangkung, which did not receive praise from the people.

In addition to the BBC report, the English version of Malaysia Kini titled ‘Kangkung -theme protest draws giggles’ was also allegedly blocked on 15 February.

Malaysia Kini had to re-upload the same report yesterday and the new version can be accessed and is no longer blocked.

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