KR1M Offers Higher Prices Compared to Other Stores, Fails to Help Reduce Cost

PETALING JAYA, 31 Jan: The move by Barisan Nasional (BN) to add more Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M or the 1Malaysia People’s Store) to help ease the cost of living as provided in the 13th General Election (GE13) manifesto has been found to not be effective.

A survey by Selangor Kini at a KR1M store and a popular mini-market chain (‘A’ mini-market) found that not only were most of the prices of goods not that different, in fact, some goods offered at KR1M were found to be higher in price.


Among the goods found are; the Gold Coin brand creamer at the ‘A’ mini-market costs RM2.35, compared to KR1M, which offers it at RM2.69; Drypers disposable diapers (pack of 80, size M) at the ‘A’ mini-market was priced at RM31.0 compared to RM31.99 offered at KR1M and Lactogen 2 baby milk formula (650g) was offered at the ‘A’ mini-market at RM17.90, while at KR1M, it was priced at RM17.95.

Meanwhile, for the 1Malaysia branded goods, Selangor Kini found that most of them were cheaper compared to the price of brands offered at the ‘A’ mini-market.

However, a staff at KR1M, who is believed to be a foreigner, told Selangor Kini that the stock flow of the 1Malaysia brand products, especially food items, was much slower compared to other brands because it did not receive good response from customers.


“It is true, 1Malaysia goods are cheaper. But people do not want to buy them. Perhaps it is because they think that the goods are not good, but I feel not much (is sold). They prefer to buy other (brands) of goods,” the worker said, speaking to a Selangor Kini reporter.

The worker said that most customers believe that the quality of 1Malaysia branded goods is lower compared to other brands.

Selangor Kini also found that not more than five customers visited the KR1M in the period of over an hour the reporter was in the store.

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