There is a ‘Political Hand’ in the Court of Appeal’s Decision

PUTRAJAYA, 8 Mar: The Sungai Petani Member of Parliament, Datuk Johari Abdul, believes that the decision to imprison Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was made through a ‘political hand’ in court.

He said that the decision was aimed at thwarting the PKR de facto leader’s desire to contest in the Kajang by-election on 23 March.

“I believe that the Government has a ‘hand’ in the decision, where all process was accelerated.

“This clearly proves that the Government wants Anwar to be unfit to compete and to failed the ‘Selangor Move’,” he told Selangor Kini outside the Palace of Justice.

The PKR Deputy President, Tian Chua, said that the Umno-BN Government’s plan to overthrow Anwar from continuing in politics; that is very clear.

“This is not just to prevent Anwar from contesting in the Kajang election. This five-year sentence is also a plan to prevent Pakatan Rakyat from winning the GE14,” he said.

The Sri Andalas Assemblyman, Xavier Jayakumar, expected the courts decisions and deems it as an unfair decision.

“We saw their game, the court speeded up the hearing and finished in two days and today itself, they passed the sentence.

Xavier said that the trial against Anwar is just a political judgement and the government is willing to do anything to make it happen.

The former Kajang Assemblyman, Lee Kim Sin, deemed the decision as a dark episode in the country’s judicial institution and is confident that the people will punish this ignorance through the Kajang State Legislative Assembly by-election.

“While this decision is not fair, the campaign in Kajang will continue. This decision makes the people frustrated and angry, and I’m sure that the people will punish it.

“Starting from the kajang by-election, the People will overthrow Umno BN,” he said.

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