Assemblyman: Enough existing Deputy Speaker

SHAH ALAM, 2 Dec: The PAS Deputy Commissioner I, Sallehen Mukhyi, said that there is no need for the state government to appoint a Deputy Speaker II from DAP for the Selangor State Assembly.

He said that the Deputy Speaker position held by the Bangi Assemblyman, Mohd Shafie Ngah, from PAS is enough and effective to help the Speaker during the Assembly session.


“What we have is enough, the need for a Deputy Speaker if only when we convene.The one we have is effective enough, there is no need for another,” he said during the State Assembly session today.

Sallehen (PAS-Sabak) is also of the opinion that the provisions to pay the salary of the Deputy Speaker II us better utilised for the people, and in fact there was no discussion made with DAP regarding the appointment of the new position.

“It is not that we greatly want the position, there has to be a 4:4:4 ratio, that is why the Deputy Speaker position was given to PAS. The decision made by the Chief Minister is enough, we want to serve the people, not a polemic for the position.


“If we heed this, the people will think that we are crazy about positions,” he said.

Meanwhile, the PKR Youth (AMK) Chief, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, said that it would be better for the state government to only maintain one Deputy Speaker position for the moment.

He said that it cannot be denied that some states have two Deputy Speakers, however he believes that the system practiced in Selangor is good enough.

“The issue should not arise as the state government had not discussed on such matters. If there is such a requirement, I think that we do not need to change the existing system,” he said.

The former Deputy Speaker also denied that the Chief Minister promised the position to DAP, and instead the claims by the party that DAP’s support during the Chief Minister crisis is based on Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) principles.

“For me, from the beginning of this issue was the question of the support. At that time, the support to PKR for the Chief Minister’s seat came from all, PAS and DAP.

“Perhaps at that time, the issue was about the candidate, but the CM seat for PKR has never been raised before. I do know about the rest,” he said.


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