CM: International artist Yusof Ghani able to enliven the art industry

SHAH ALAM, 23 Dec: The city of Shah Alam should make full use of the capital potential of international artist Yusof Ghani to boost the art industry in Selangor.

The Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, said that Shah Alam has the potential to boost the art sector through the production of cultural products, the production and transfer of knowledge, entertainment and sports.


He said that this is because Shah Alam has the brain and talent capital with the presence of higher learning institutions like UiTM, Unisel and MSU.

Yusof Ghani is a big name and he is well known as a prolific painter for producing works of international standard.

He was originally a graphic artist who turned to fine art after receiving a government grant to study art at the George Mason University in Virginia in 1979.

“Local authorities and the society need to have good synergy to translate ideas making the city of Shah Alam a city for the young people.

“The city of Shah Alam needs to explore new areas and not only improve their physical infrastructure, but also improve the infrastructure of culture, knowledge and sports,” said Mohamed Azmin.

He said for Shah Alam to become a Creative City, it needs to build an environment and infrastructure that boosts creativity.

He said this during the Residents Representative Council Mini Zone Awarding Ceremony for the Shah Alam Zone here at the Concorde Hotel.

He said that public servants at local authorities should make field work a work culture by looking into the problems in their respective areas of administration.

“This includes efforts to create a clean environment as the main agenda at each local authority,” he said.


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