CM: Original settlers welcomed to apply for TOL

SHAH ALAM, 1 Dec: Any original settler who has inhabited state land more than the prescribed period may apply to the Selangor government to obtain Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL).

The Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, said that the state government may consider the request, but the settlers have to pay a premium at the prescribed rate.

However, the TOL will not be given on river reserve land and ditches.

“The state government may consider it because there is a policy for land that has been explored more than the prescribed period.

“They can appeal to obtain the rights to the land, but they have to pay a premium, (and if they can pay) we will give it to them.

“But if it is river reserve land and ditches, (ownership) cannot be granted. The state government may only consider it if it is state land,” he said during the Selangor State Assembly session today.

Azmin (PKR-Bukit Antarabangsa) said that there is no clause that allows any dwelling to be built on TOL land as it is temporary occupation and to avoid the problem of development on the land.

“The problem we face is when settlers are given TOL, in a few months they are promised to receive the land title, especially during General Elections.

“We do not want the people to be played and assume that they will be able to receive ownership, which brings problems to the state government,” he said.


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