CM: RM679.71 million in provisions received, make sure it reaches the target groups

SHAH ALAM, 4 Dec: The Selangor government received a total of RM679.71 million as the annual grant from the federal government involving seven areas, including development, infrastructure, management and services.

The Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, said that the annual allocation received has been included and accounted for in the state government consolidated fund.


Among the provisions granted is the grant to maintain state roads (Marris) of RM475.6 million.

The grant awarded is based on the level of economic development infrastructure and quality of life (level) of RM15.9 million and the grant according to number of persons amounts to RM64.2 million.

“Others include the grant to fund management expenditure for departments under the joint list (RM53.1 million), the annual grant to the Selangor government (RM25.8 million).

“The services grant of 10 percent and the involvement of state government employees in implementing federal projects (RM9.4 million), as well as the additional revenue grant 9RM35.4 million),” he said.

He said this in reply to a verbal question from Shahrum Mohd Sharif (BN-Dengkil) during the Selangor State Assembly session today.

Mohamed Azmin (PKR-Bukit Antarabangsa) said for Marris and the grant for level of economic development, infrastructure and quality of life, the grant will be accounted in the consolidated trust fund according to the deed trust.

While other grants, he said will be accounted for in the consolidated revenue.

“It is not true that most of the federal government provisions are included into the revenue account like Marris, which is entered directly into the consolidated trust account.

“This usage must be optimised for road maintenance because we do not want a large amount of this money to be misused and not reach the target group,” he added.


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