CM: Young public servants should increase their experience

SUBANG JAYA, 20 Dec: The Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, urged young public servants to acquire knowledge with more experienced public servants so that they can serve better.

According to him, the experience they acquire from over 30 years of service, in addition to serving in several other states, can be benefited to continue to develop Selangor.


Apart from that, he hopes that retired public servants can contribute their experience and maintain good relations with the state government.

“I hope that those who have retired do not lose touch with the state government.

“The experience of working with the state government and the federal government is an important value and asset to be shared with the state government.

“I believe that these young officers should learn and gain knowledge from officers who have retired.

“This experience can help the state government develop this state,” he said at the Holiday Villa Subang Hotel & Suites yesterday.

He further explained that public servants should be prepared to face the economic challenges of 2015 to ensure that Selangor remains the largest contributor to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which so far has amounted to 23.7 percent.

“Among the steps that must be taken with the rapidly changing environment are leadership, and public servants need to work harder to be innovative in facing these challenges,” he added.

Touching on welfare, Mohamed Azmin informed that he has met with the Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia (KSN) to discuss several matters, including the question of housing for public servants.

During this discussion, the Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia applied for several sites to build affordable housing to be owned by public servants that recently obtained employment and to build a home.

“I assured the KSN that the state government will cooperate to provide a site to build affordable homes which can be owned by public servants,” he said.

He also informed that a meeting was held with several developers in Selangor to give attention to the construction of affordable housing between the price of RM110,000 and RM220,000.

Previously, the same issue was also raised by Datuk Tarmedi Omar during the speech for deputy senior officers who have retired and transferred for the year 2014.

The 2014 Selangor State Government Secretary’s Administration Appreciation Night which saw 25 public officers being celebrated consisted of those who have retired or have been transferred to other states.

Overall, there are 21,000 public servants in Selangor.


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