Hold a meeting with intellectuals to mitigate the difference of views

SHAH ALAM, 16 Dec: The Selangor government has been proposed to organise a special programme to gather intellectuals from different religions in the country to discuss the differences of opinion between them.

The Meru Assemblyman, Dr Rani Othman, said that the Selangor government must play its part to help mitigate these differences of opinion.


“I propose a special seminar to be held which can meet these intellectuals and leaders from various religions and schools of thought to discuss maturely the differences between them.

“I have contacted the state Exco, Datuk Dr Ahmad Yunus, and we will meet today to discuss further,” said Dr Rani, quoted from The Malaysian Insider.

Dr Rani who just returned from Acheh Indonesia, made this suggestion following the various issues involving relationship between religions that have come up in this country.

He said that he also saw that Acheh has the same problem and it was solved through dialogue and discussion.

“We must be open-minded to accept these differences and to understand it, all sides must meet in a programme.

“As a government that has diversity, Selangor should organise this event,” he said.


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