Land remunerations: State government ready to help 363 Felda settlers in Sungai Buaya

HULU KELANG, 25 Dec: The state government is ready to resolve the land disputes involving 363 Felda settlers from Sungai Buaya based on the principles of justice and equality without burdening parties that were not involved in the original agreement.

The Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, said that he is looking into the forms of assistance that can be given to help relieve the burdens of the settlers involved.


“I have looked into the appeal from the settlers involved but all parties who have demanded what is claimed as arrears must provide accurate facts because the agreement which was done previously does not involve the state government.

“This is a promise made between the developers and the settlers, who have formed a company among themselves.

“Unfortunately, the developer that had previously promised various remunerations to the settlers has folded their business. So, do not burden the state government with the matter,” he said.


Mohamed Azmin said this in response to calls from former settlers of Felda Sungai Buaya, Hulu Selangor, who has asked for his intervention to settle the arrears worth RM227 million as a result of the development of 1,254.5 hectares of land in 1994.

On December 23, it was exactly 20 years they have been waiting to claim the balance payments which should have been fully completed in 1998, as stipulated in the agreement with the developer.

He said that the settlers were promised remuneration amounting to approximately RM1 million and residences from the developer.

However, until now, they have only received remuneration of only RM350,000 and they intend to demand the RM650,000 balance from the state government.

“Is it fair when this is not an agreement between the state government and the settlers?

“But the state government is willing to see how the settlers involved can be assured to regain the land in the area.

“I will ask them to look at the options which we recommend and if they unanimously agree, then this problem can be resolved. The state government has several solution options on the matter,” he said.


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