LZS presents school assistance of RM845,660 to 1,006 residents of Petaling

PETALING JAYA, 10 Dec: A total of 1,006 poor and needy families in the district of Petaling received educational assistance for their children for the 2015 school session.

The assistance totaling RM845,660 from the Selangor Zakat Board (LZS) is to fund the school fees, including school supplies and uniforms.


The Chief Executive Officer of LZS, Mohamed Izam mohamed Yusof, said that this programme, which is being carried out for the fourth time, aims to lessen the burden of parents to provide their children’s school supplies from pre-school to secondary school.

He said that every child from poor and needy families who are in national primary schools and religious schools will receive an assistance of RM150 for school fees, while RM250 will be given to those in national secondary schools and religious schools.

“Meanwhile, children in pre-school will receive an assistance of RM100 per person.

“So far, over 44,000 poor and needy families have received educational assistance from LZS amounting to RM15 million.


“Our hope is that with this assistance, they are able to learn well and thus produce a brilliant generation which no longer inherits their parent’s poverty,” he said after attending the programme at the Nurul Ehsan Mosque in Taman Medan.
In addition each of the recipients will also receive clothing and school supplies valued between RM170 and RM200, which will be given in the form of vouchers to be exchanged at selected supermarkets.

Based on the distribution of the Zakat, each family is estimated to receive assistance according to the number of dependents up to a maximum of RM2,000 for each family.

“When we issue the Zakat, it (aid) is distributed by LZS as the trust holder to the poor and needy.

“To those who have not paid their Zakat, we ask them to come forward to pay it before the end of December to allow this money to be used for poor and needy children who will start school,” he said.


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