Salary cut for CM, Speaker, Exco effective 1 January 2015

SHAH ALAM, 1 Dec: The Selangor State Assembly (DNS) today approved the salary reduction for the four top positions in the government involving the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chief Minister and the State Government Executive Councillors (Exco), effective January 1, 2015.

For the Speaker, the original salary of RM22,500 is reduced by 33.33%, making it RM15,000, the Deputy Speaker’s from RM15,750 to RM10,000 (36.51%), the Chief Minister’s from RM29,250 to RM25,00 (14.53%) and Exco’s from RM20,250 to RM15,000.

The Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, said that the decision was made based on the result of the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) President’s meeting for the increase of salaries and allowances in 2013 to be reviewed in accordance with the cost of living that burdens the people.

However, he said that the salaries and allowances for all Assemblymen will be maintained.

“The review is quite reasonable and takes into account the feelings of the people on the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) next year.

“The responsibilities of Assemblymen are great, that is why we do not intend to review the allowances and salaries of Assemblymen because their salaries are reasonable with their tasks all these while,” he said when debating this issue today.

Prior to this, Azmin stated the salary reduction measure is to reduce management expenses because he wants to focus on the expenses for the development sector.

He said that the reduction also includes entertainment expenses and the allowances for staff.

He said that the budget formula in Parliament, which provides 80% for management expenditure and 20% for development previously, affects the people.

The Selangor State Assembly on November 27, 2013, approved the salary increase for the Chief Minister to RM29,250, Exco RM20,250, Speaker RM22.500, Deputy Speaker RM15,750 and Assemblymen RM11,250.

The increase of up to 300% began in January 2014.

The Assembly session in April 2014 then approved the cut for the CM’s allowance to RM14,175, Exco RM15,000, Speaker RM15,000 and Deputy Speaker RM12,000.

The deduction rate was channeled to the Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor (MES) Agenda Fund.

However, the allowance for Assemblymen was maintained.


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