Selangor increases provisions by RM3 million for non-Islamic houses of worship

SHAH ALAM, 2 Dec: The Selangor government announced an increase of provisions for non-Islamic houses of worship amounting to RM6 million for 2015.

This was revealed by the Exco for Local Government, Studies and Research, Datuk Teng Chang Kim, thus surpassing the previous allocation of RM3 million.


He said that the provision was approved in the Supply Bill and now has entered the Supply Motion stage and will be broken down into three parts, Christianity Catholicism, Hinduism/Sikhism for the Indian community and Buddhist and Chinese temples.

With the additional provisions that allow the study of religion, apart from Islam, can be considered to be raised and is subject to approval from the Exco responsible.

He said that for now, the Exco for Tourism, Environment, Green Technology and Consumer Affairs, Elizabeth Wong, is responsible for providing provision approvals for Christianity and Catholicism, while for Hinduism/Sikhism in under the responsibility of V Ganabatirau, and he will manage provisions for Buddhism and Chinese temples.


“Prior to this year, the understanding achieved by the Exco at the time was for Christianity and Catholicism to be given RM1 million, Hinduism/Sikhism RM1 million, and RM1 million also for Buddhism and Chinese temples.

“At the same time, this matter was discussed and several factors that were taken into consideration was the composition of followers, so it was agreed at the time that Christianity and Catholicism was given RM500,000, Hinduism/Sikhism RM1 million and Buddhism and Chinese temples were given RM1.5 million.

“According to this increase, Christianity and Catholicism will receive RM1 million, Hinduism/Sikhism will receive RM2 million and Buddhism and Chinese temples will receive RM3 million,” he said.

Chang Kim said that the provisions also cover repair and reconstruction of dilapidated houses of worship and religious education classes, respectively.

Touching on the provisions he is in charge of he informed that each association is expected to receive an allocation of RM10,000.


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