Speaker: Immediately name the new Opposition Leader, ensure a functional role

SHAH ALAM, 8 Dec: The Selangor Barisan Nasional (BN) should immediately name the new Opposition Leader to replace the role of Datuk Mohd Shamsudin Lias who resigned today.

The Selangor State Assembly (DNS) Speaker, Hannah Yeoh, said that this is to ensure the smooth administration of the DNS, in addition to ensuring that the role of check and balance is functioning.


“BN should name a BN Assemblyman as the Opposition Leader so that they can carry out their duty and play a role in the DNS administration effectively and efficiently for the sake of the people,” she said.

Hannah said this during a media conference on the issue of the Opposition Leader’s resignation at her office today.

Hannah said that she has received the letter and the keys to the official car this morning and respects the decision of the Sungai Burong Assemblyman.

“I accept and respect his decision even though I do not understand why such a decision was made.

“However, I thank him for his services as the Opposition Leader since June 2013,” she said.

Shamsudin decided to give up his role as the Opposition Leader after rejecting the appointment as the Chairman of the Selangor PAC.

He also returned the Toyota Camry given by the state government.

Hannah said that there is no issue of bias and disregarding the spirit of democracy in the composition of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) as claimed by Shamsudin.

She said that the Standing Order decision by the DNS to appoint the Opposition Leader as the PAC Chairman with such a composition is parallel to the practices adopted by commonwealth parliamentary countries.

“The Standing Order 72 (1) for the DNS Standing Rules clearly provides the composition for each member of the Select Committee to reflect the ratio of each party in the Assembly.

“The same practice is used in commonwealth countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, India and New Zealand,” she said.

However, Hannah is convinced that the Selangor BN leadership will be able to find a suitable and qualified candidate to take up the post as Opposition Leader.

“I believe that among the 12 BN Assemblymen, there must be someone who is fit and willing to be the Opposition Leader,” she said, adding that the DNS session in March 2015 can still continue without an Opposition Leader.

However, this situation will hinder the smooth running of the Assembly.

“If that happens, the Selangor BN must answer to the people because they are being paid to carry out our job in the DNS,” said the Subang Jaya Assemblyman.

She also praised several other BN Assemblymen who have been committed all this while in carrying out their responsibilities in the Select Committee.

Among those mentioned by Hannah include the Permatang Assemblyman (Sulaiman Abdul Razak) in the Selangor Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) and the Dengkil Assemblyman (Shahrum Mohd Shariff) who is in the Select Committee on Statutory Agencies and Subsidiaries (JPABAS).


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