Victims ask for immediate assistance, worst flood since 50 years ago

KETEREH, 27 Dec: “The first time in 50 years I have experienced a flood this great,” said a resident of Kampung Lubok Besar in Kok Lanas, Sanusi Junoh.

Sanusi said that the unfortunate incident was caused by the overflowing of Sungai Kelantan resulting in him and five members of his family being forced to move to the flood evacuation centre at the Kota Bharu Polytechnic since December 26.


“The water outside the house rose till waist-high. I hope that water supply can be channelled immediately because the supply at this evacuation centre has been cut off.

“It is difficult for us to perform ablutions. The electricity supply has also been cut off since I moved here yesterday,” he said.

He was met when the state government delegation, joined by the Chief Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali’s Political Secretary, Shuhaimi Shafiei, and state Welfare Exco, Dr Daroyah Alwi, as well as the Chairman of the Selangor Humanitarian Aid Mission Association (PANTAS), Hamsah Djabir, visited the evacuation centre and distributed food.


The visit received cooperation from the PAS Flood Operations Room Director for the area of Ketereh cum PAS Secretary for the area, Nik Mahadi Nik Mahmood, and the Ketereh Women’s Chief, Nur Faizah Hashim, as well as the Kelantan PKR committee.

The delegation also donated food supply at the Sekolah Kebangsaan Pangkal Kalong evacuation centre.

To date, 2,456 flood victims have been placed in five evacuation centres in Ketereh, where the water has reached waist-high at some locations.

Meanwhile, Laila Omar, 43, also requested for school supplies to be given because the goods purchased by him were destroyed by the floods that occurred in the state since December 16.


“Half of my house floor was flooded since December 25 until now. All the children’s school supplies were destroyed.

“I hope that somebody will help contribute the supplies, in addition to providing mats, candles and mosquito coils at evacuation centres because we are now cold from sleeping on the floor,” he said.

Wan Mas Wan Sulaiman, 61, also requested for disposable diapers for her child, who is disabled, because of the difficulty in managing due to limited resources.

Her daughter, Che Sawilah Awang Lah, 21, is suffering from an infection of the brain since she was two year’s old.

“I have been here for two nights. What is most worrisome is the depleting supply of disposable diapers for my daughter. Food is not a problem because she can eat like everyone else,” she said.

In the meantime, the Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, also looked into the flood situation in Kelantan via air and also delivered assistance to the flood victims.


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