7 Tawas children receive Donor Advised Fund aid

SHAH ALAM, 9 Jan: Seven children registered under the Selangor Children’s Heritage Fund (Tawas) received assistance through the Donor Advised Fund programme under the Core Scheme today.

The Tawas members who received the assistance consisted of children with various chronic diseases and was presented by the Advisor of Yawas, Datuk Anuar Md Zin, who was also accompanied by the Yawas General manager, Mohd Nor Mohd Zin.

The majority of recipients expressed gratitude for the assistance and each received RM1,000 and RM1,000, in accordance with the proposed assistance.


A private employee, Mohd Riduan Sulaiman, 33, who received it on behalf of his daughter, Nur Fatini Damia, 5, was very grateful to the state government for introducing this new scheme.

Mohd Riduan said that previously he was like a beggar asking for help to obtain donations to carry out treatment for his daughter, who is suffering from leukaemia.

“I never received any help from anyone even though I was begging like a beggar prior to this.

“I am grateful to the state government for delivering on the promise and giving me assistance in accordance with the intention to be concerned about the people,” he said.


For Yusni Harmi Yaakob, 37, the assistance is very needed at this time, especially since being dismissed from her job three months ago.

Yusni said that her second son, Muhammad Isyraf Darsuki, 2, recently underwent heart surgery and is in need for the follow-up treatment costs.

“My son was diagnosed with a hole in his heart since during pregnancy. However, thank God, my son is recovering after undergoing surgery with the funds provided by the National Heart Institute.

“However, I still need funds for the follow-up treatment costs. Mainly because I have just been dismissed from my job and still looking for work.

“I am very touched by this grant and hope this programme continues. For me, although it is only RM1,500, it is quite significant and large,” she said.

The mother of Alif Muizuddin, 1 year and 9 months, who is suffering from epilepsy, was very touched by the assistance.

Normala Ismail, 33, a homemaker, only could shed tears and expressed gratitude and thanks to Tawas.

“With the current family income and no help from anyone, it makes me very sad. Thanks for giving us this donation, it is very helpful,” she said.


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