CM: 2015 the year of political maturity and responsibility


SHAH ALAM, 1 Jan: In view of the year 2015, the Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, called on all leaders to practice more mature and responsible politics.

In his message, he said that the new discourse is important as 2015 expects Malaysia to struggle with tough economic challenges.

He said that economic difficulties often lead to insecurity by certain groups, social conflicts and political tensions.


“Extremist elements, fascist groups and opportunists will exploit this situation by presenting themselves as champions of groups and races.

“The question and challenge would be to elite groups on whether they are ready to leave narrow racial politics and political provocations to obtain temporary support and to discriminate the people based on their political affiliation.

“The people do not like the attitude of pointing fingers, instead they want leaders to build confidence to revive the spirit of tolerance, and to get out of narrow bigotry thinking through the enlightenment and maturity of politics.


At the same time, he described 2014 as a year that really tested the country with various tragedies and disasters that came repeatedly.

However, he said that Malaysians managed to build relationships of humanity across races, religions and political stance in facing the dark times together.

Not to leave out, Mohamed Azmin also gave an appreciation speech in conjunction of his 100 days of administration as the Chief Minister.

“To the people of Selangor, public servants, village heads, community leaders and the Social Initiative Board, I thank you for your support,” he said.


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