CM: Flood SOP updated, development monitored

KUALA KRAU, 11 Jan: After the post-flood disaster survey was carried out in the East Coast, the Selangor government has taken the stand for all development procedures practiced previously to be reviewed to avoid the same incident from occurring in Selangor.

The Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, said that this stand was made during the Exco meeting recently after taking into account the effects of the floods, including the damage of property and homes.


“We took it to the State Exco meeting recently, which emphasised that the the development to be carried out should be of quality.

“Not all development is of quality. If the development is not planned well, it will ultimately result in an economic impact and destruction to the people,” he told Selangor Kini at Taman Sri Desa.

He explained that the local authorities also need to take the same action in addition to ensuring that infrastructure such as drainage and roads are in good condition.


“I ask all local authorities to revise the SOP being used because today, with global climate changes, heavy rain and hot weather, it will certainly have an impact on the environment and the climate in our country,” he said.

To guarantee the ecosystem, especially in forest reserves, from being violated and maintained at a rate of 30 percent, he directed the Selangor Legal Advisor to tighten existing legislative clauses.

“The legal advisor has been directed to review some of the existing legislative clauses so that tougher action can be taken against those who violate forests and government-owned land in Selangor,” he added.

Since yesterday, Mohamed Azmin has been with the post-flood humanitarian mission delegation visiting Kelantan and Pahang.


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