CM: Kelantan flood damages RM1 billion, federal government should help rebuild


KUALA KRAI, 10 Jan: The preliminary census made on the losses caused by the flood that happened in Kelantan is estimated at RM1 billion.

The Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, said that this was informed by the Chief Minister of Kelantan, Datuk Ahmad Yaacob, during a meeting this morning as soon as Azmin arrived in Kota Bharu.

According to his, the Selangor government is aware of this matter and will continue to provide assistance to rebuild the people of Kelantan.


He explained that the Selangor government will now act as a good friend to the people of Kelantan.

“The early estimates are over RM1 billion, as informed by the Chief Minister of Kelantan to me this morning.

“We ask the federal government to also help the people to rebuild their lives,” he said after visiting Taman Orked.

He explained that the Selangor government, through donations from its subsidiary companies and private bodies, has managed to collect over RM5 million, which will be utilised for the purpose of rebuilding Kelantan in some districts.


Apart from that, Mohamed Azmin also informed that the Selangor government has donated Rm500,000 for the construction of temporary tents for residents who have lost their homes.

In addition, 12 local authorities have safely brought lorries, machinery, bulldozers and water tanks.

It is estimated that in Kuala Krai 1,774 homes were destroyed in Ghucil.


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