CM: New provisions of the law to exercise strata rights more smoothly


SHAH ALAM, 16 Jan: The state government will enforce the new provisions of the law to enable enforcement action against developers that fail to solve governance on strata rights.

The Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, said that prior to this, the state government faced constraints in collecting quit rent revenue for strata development.

“It is understood that some of the amendments made still failed to solve the governance of strata titles.


“Because there are no laws for enforcement, the Land and Mines Office (PTG) is in effort to provide new provisions of the law.

“It is difficult for transfer of ownership transactions,” he said during the opening speech of the computerised strata title management system.

In today’s programme, Mohamed Azmin launched the e-strata system for the District Land Office (PTD) level, which came into effect on January 2.

The system was first implemented on 2001 with the goal of focusing file management for strata applications, otherwise known as the strata property management system (SPHS), using the technology of a client-server environment.

The system also allows business and non-business transactions to be managed from three months to two weeks.


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