CM visits Kuala Krai to donate RM500,000 to build tents for flood victims


KOTA BHARU, 10 Jan: The Chief Minister of Selangor, Mohamed Azmin Ali, arrived safely at the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport for a one day post-flood working visit in Kelantan.

The Selangor government delegation led by Mohamed Azmin that boarded the Malaysian Airlines (MAS) plane from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) arrived at 9.10 am and was greeted by the Chief Minister of Kelantan, Datuk Ahmad Yaacob.


The one day working visit will move to Kuala Krai and Manek Urai to help and look at the flood area for cleaning work.

The Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) has been put on duty at the two areas.

Mohamed Azmin joined the post-flood humanitarian aid mission delegation with 500 officers and members of local authorities from Selangor to Kelantan this morning.

“I and the staff of MPAJ and PANTAS will focus on Kuala Krai today.

“I would like to thank all YDPs and employees from 12 local authorities in Selangor for giving their dedicated service to the flood victims.

“The Selangor will donate RM500 thousand more for the construction of tents for temporary shelter for the flood victims in Kelantan,” said Mohamed Azmin.


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