Datum Jelatek achieves target of over 100% Bumiputera registration


SHAH ALAM, 15 Jan: The Datum Jelatek project in Taman Keramat, Kuala Lumpur, was well received when it received potential purchase Bumiputera registration over the target set.

The Chief Operating officer of DatumCorp International Sdn Bhd (DatumCorp), Shytul Shahryn Mohamad Shaari, said that so far 1,097 Bumiputera buyers have registered and the figure recorded is more than the 674 units available.


“50 percent of the units are especially for potential Bumiputera buyers, with a discount of 10 percent, but until now, we have received potential buyer registration over 100 percent from the units offered for the Datum Jelatek project.

“I am confident that the Bumiputera buyers are the largest buyers of of projects by the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) and that they are attracted by the potential of Datum Jelatek being ideal homes,” he said in a media statement.

Shytul Shahryn said that the number of registrations prove that many potential buyers, especially Bumiputeras, can afford the luxurious residences in the heart of city of Kuala Lumpur.


He said that the sale for the residential units of the project is being entirely conducted by DatumCorp and real estate agents appointed by the wholly-owned PKNS company.

“The Datuk Jelatek project is a prestigious development by DatumCorp covering an area of 5.65 acres, and it is a combination of a smart partnership between PKNS and the state government, as well as local residents, to improve the quality of life of the people in the Jelatek area and all of Selangor.

“In addition, the redevelopment is also in line with the state government’s goal to renew the dilapidated buildings in urban areas, in line with the Selangor economic development project,” he said.


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