Developers should pay premium, brilliant move by Selangor to protect the people


SHAH ALAM, 8 Jan: The Selangor government’s move requiring developers to pay a premium is welcomed by the people of the state because the move is seen as safeguarding the rights of buyers.

An employee from the private sector, Norliana Abdul Kadir, 31, said that the condition set is able to ensure that the rights of home buyers are guaranteed and not neglected, as in most cases before this.


She said that the move by the state government also shows that the administration under the leadership of Chief Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali cares and is concerned about the people.

“It is good when the state government knows how to use its jurisdiction in housing issued in Selangor. We do not want the people to fall prey to unscrupulous developers,” she told Selangor Kini.

Prior to this, Mohamed Azmin announced the new policy where developers or landlords are not allowed to start work on their construction sites until they settle the premium payment for the land.


Agreeing with the move is store owner Taufik Saliman, 28, who praised the Selangor government in fighting for the people’s housing rights.

“We can personally see that the housing issue is an important agenda of the Selangor government in the budget recently,

Congratulations as it has already proven that they do not just pay lip service but implements it,” he said.


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