East Coast Tsunami wisdom of unity, collective in channelling post-flood aid

SHAH ALAM, 26 Jan: The ‘East Coast Tsunami’ has provided wisdom in unity that should be emulated by every citizen in life to come, said Chief Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali.

He said that the spirit of unity expressed by Malaysians when they united and were collective in the post-flood aid mission in the east coast should be continued and practiced in confronting the challenges of life in the current economic climate, which is becoming more pressing.


“This is the moment and time (east coast flooding) we see Malaysians, regardless of race and political ideology, unite to help ease the burden and hardship of the flood victims.

“The question is do we only unite when there is a crisis and disaster,” he said when speaking in front of public servants during the State Government Departments Monthly Assembly at the Silver Jubilee Hall today.

Mohamed Azmin hopes that Selangorians will remain united under any circumstances because unity will ensure success and wellbeing in the future.


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